in-flight or on the ground with Shrink on Board... a spa for the mind.

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The Art of Relaxation: A Spa For Your Mind!
Dr. Carole takes you on a journey that soothes your spirit: from fear of flying to everyday stress!

        45 min audio CD: $14.95 + $5.00 S & H    
        30 min video DVD: $19.95 + $5.00 S & H     

Dr. Carole is the creator of America's first in-flight entertainment Relaxation Channel (audio and video) narrated by a psychiatrist. In the days following 9/11,she conceived and founded Shrink on Board to provide in-flight Relaxation for airline passengers suffering from fear of flying, weary from travel hassles, or simply burdened by the heightened stress of their daily lives. Passengers' anxiety can inadvertently cause them to endanger themselves and others on board their plane, or to stop flying altogether.

Shrink on Board has incorporated delightful images from around the world, with soothing music and Dr. Carole's therapeutic narration. It has received rave reviews from countless airlines and media commentators.

    "Thank you for working... to create a great audio program for our customers."
    - Delta Air Lines

    "Slip on a pair of headphones and listen to the soothing voice of Beverly Hills, California psychiatrist Carole Lieberman as she leads you through relaxation tips."
    - USA Today

    "Dr. Carole's Relaxation Channel is a must in today's skies... to win the loyalty of your most discerning passengers."
    - Blue Sky Private Jets

Now Dr. Carole is making her Shrink on Board Relaxation Channel available to everyone, whether you are planning to travel to the far corners of the world or simply the corners of your mind.